Company Philosophy

Fatlite India


To become a globally respected firm that produces the best quality food products.

Fatlite India


To achieve our objectives together by partnering with people and creating a healthier future for our nation

Fatlite India


  • Consumer Orientation: We think of every product and process from a consumers mind so as to fulfil and also exceed their expectations.
  • Leadership by Example: To set the highest standards in our business and set an example for the Industry.
  • Continuously Innovative: Consumers needs are changing and expanding, and so does Fatlite have to for being on top
  • Ethical working: Every business has its own rights and wrongs in decision making, but there is only one ethical answer to any problem, and for Fatlite that is the right answer
  • Social Responsibility: We honour what society has given us for sustenance, and believe in repaying that in every way we can.
  • Pursuit of Excellence: To work hard persistently, improve our teams and our services to become the best.