Quality Standards

Fatlite India

Quality serves as a ‘nerve centre’ for our management

“Every Process, Every product, Every Idea, Every Task”

Our products are measured for quality in terms of purity, strength, flavor, color, size, maturity of our snacks.

Our quality assurance revolves around…..

  • Control over supply of raw materials & packing materials
  • Physical evaluation of raw and processed products
  • Wastage disposal control
  • Chemical and microbiological evaluation of processed product
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Finished product standardization
  • Processing of product as per international specifications
  • Processing under hygienic & sanitary conditions
  • Greater consumer confidence in uniform and high quality of the product.
  • Specification compliance during marketing and distribution

Nutrition Labelling

Abiding by the food safety & standard Authority (FSSA) of India Fatlite has ensured accurate nutritional information appears on all food products. Fatlite believes that all consumers should be well informed in order to exercise their freedom in buying products.

Sensory Quality

Sensory quality is a combination of different senses of perception coming into play in choosing and eating food. Finished Products, new Flavors and newly developed products are evaluated by a trained panel consisting of:-

  • A Representative for Quality Control
  • A Representative for Production
  • A Representative for Marketing
  • A Representative for Top Management

Product Development

A team of experienced Chemists, Food Technologists and Microbiologists assist in product development program along with the control process.

As per the requirements of different market(s) a practice of continuous product development is adopted, which includes improvement in raw material, packing material and flavor.

Customer Complaints Process Assurance (CCPA )

  • The Customer Care Department identifies every complaint / foreign matter and traces the origin within 48 hrs.
  • Every complaint is discussed with factory staff to avoid problems and tighten controls.
  • Every complaint is brought to the attention of Management within 24 hrs.
  • Management tries to respond to complaints within 72 hrs.