Our Team

FATLITE, is promoted by leading veteran from Rajkot – Gujarat, Shri Kishor Kadvani with an experience of almost over 30 years in the field of several diversified Industries. Being a very prominent figure in Saurastra he has continuously worked to improve the state of the society and the economy, and has now taken up the responsibility of guiding this company to a very established level.

Mr. Yash Ashar - Fatlite “A visionary entrepreneur”, Mr. Yash Ashar, is a Computer Science & Management graduate from the University of Manchester, U.K., responsible for Fatlite’s Marketing & Finance.

Directors Message:

The journey of success begins with a dream, a focus and a commitment to do what is necessary to reach your goal. Our dream is simple, “To create a Fatlite World”. To be known in the current economy, you have to be fast, you have to be smart and you have to be able to compete with the existing giants in the market. The only way you could this, is by being different. Now is the time of acceptance in our society, new products, exciting ideas and unique brands is what people want to connect with, they like to associate themselves with brands that are more interactive and more real. Fatlite believes in instilling trust in its relationships with people. Doing things in the conventional way leads you to become monotonous and that’s why we believe in being different in each of our processes as well. Starting with our products, to our natural ingredients, and even in our processes of marketing, we try to create a positive impact on the society.

I personally invite you to our Fatlite World to experience the unforgettable products my team and I strive to create everyday!

Ms. Khushboo Kadvani - Fatlite

“A talented expert”, Ms. Khushboo Kadvani, is a food technology graduate from S.N.D.T. College, Mumbai, responsible for Fatlite’s product Nutrition & Innovation.

Directors Message:

In this fast modern era where people don’t have time to look after their health they tend to grab whatever they have whether it is junk, fried or full of calories. There are very few snacks in the market that can be enjoyed by all consumers, as those individuals facing health problems nowadays depend on home food or tasteless snacks. I believe if consumers are given healthy snacks with tasty flavours and natural ingredients they would be able to enjoy guilt free snacking. Food technology and nutrition is a very vast field and it has always been my passion to develop new flavours and products which consumers would like.

Mr. Ishan Kadvani - Fatlite

“A hardworking technocrat”, Mr. Ishan Kadvani, is a mechanical engineering graduate from Sinhgadh College, Pune, responsible for Fatlite’s Production & Technology.

Directors Message:

Being a mechanical engineer I thought of giving the best technology where there is minimum use of man power and even reducing the human contact with our product during its processing to maintain hygiene and quality standards. As I have joined a market segment which is quite undeveloped yet in terms of technology, I will be able to provide this industry with newer processes and better ideas. Production has always been very close to me because I believe in providing the freshest and purest of products even after processing while still retaining their originality. Maintaining a standard quality has always been a challenge in production departments, and over the years this challenge has become my passion which makes me explore newer technologies. The success story of a product depends on its production line and its quality, and I am assured that our stringent practices and quality management will keep our quality at its best.